No suggestion to build Part

Hoping someone can shed some light on this. The part 57453-W has an approved rev with a valid method. All of it’s sub-components are also approved, but yet no MRP job suggestion. Looking at the MRP logs it is throwing an error stating part revision not found. Any ideas, I’m at a loss?
23:42:45 Processing stock transactions for Part:57453-W.
23:42:45 Beginning Balance 0
23:42:45 Date changed, process date ?
23:42:45 Below re-order, expedite jobs.
23:42:45 Expedite-jobs - qty needs to be expedited:10
23:42:45 Expedite-jobs - Total requirement: 10
23:42:45 Total quantity expedited:0.
23:42:45 Get Destination
23:42:45 Create Interplant Supply
23:42:45 Creating new unfirm job:MRP00000000102 Quantity:50.
23:42:45 Adding to job:MRP00000000102 Quantity:50.
23:42:45 Copying BOM from Part:57453-W Rev: to Job:MRP00000000102.
23:42:45 Type:3Program:mr/cpmethod.pMethod:Main-BlockTable:Field:Rowid:Message:Source Part Revision not found. Part/Rev:57453-W/
23:42:45 Error copying BOM, deleting Job:MRP00000000102.
23:42:45 Deleting unfirm job MRP00000000102
23:42:46 Creating new mfg suggestion for Part:57453-W Quantity:50 on 03/05/17.
23:42:46 Date changed, process date 04/14/17
23:42:46 over re-order, DoSuggestion…
23:42:46 After DoSuggestions, balance is:40.
23:42:46 Done with Part 57453-W

Is the rev approved (and effective date is within window of when MRP would be starting job?)
Have you left the rev’s methods inadvertently checkout into an ECO group for editing?

It’s typically one of those two.

Rob Brown

If the Order is Make Direct and the Part has the Part Rev set, then make sure that the Order Rev = the Method Rev.

Also, if you are multi plant, make sure your method did not get an operation from the other plant.

Part:57453-W Rev: where is the Rev?

Good suggestions, the rev was approved prior to MRP run and not on someone’s bench. i do believe that more investigating is needed. Thanks.