No way to see when a User ID was created?

Hi there,

I’m looking to see how many users we have added in the past year, but I don’t see a field anywhere in the UserFile table. Is there another table this info might be stored? Or is this even possible? If not, I could customize the form, I know, but that doesn’t help me going backward.

There doesn’t seem to be such a field in any of the user tables. All of our users are tied to employee records (which also don’t have created dates), but those are tied to payroll records which do have hire dates. That’s probably your best bet for historic data.

We also use single-sign on, which is tied to Exchange records. I’m not an Exchange admin, so I can’t tell you from personal experience if it tracks create dates. Prof. Google says it does, so there’s that.

If neither of those options work for you, I can’t think of much else that would provide good backwards visibility.

In terms of forward visibility, I’d use a BPM designed to either log new records, or fill in a custom field attached to erp.UserFile, which you could surface in a form customization. Though, I’d make sure that field is un-editable.

I’d like to piggyback off what John said and suggest that, for the future, it might be worth looking at a more automated on-boarding process. Block User Account Entry, Employee Entry, Buyer Entry, and Work Force entry at the UI and only let a service account add/change/delete these functions. Now use a web form in HR that requests the requirements for the person (email account, security groups, Epicor entities, and other systems required for their work) and have a PowerShell Script add these (via Epicor REST, Microsoft Graph, etc.) to each system. Gates can be set up for approvals if necessary. Another script would also deactivate people as they left or reassign security in they move within the organization.

Now you have a nice traceable and well-documented system for SOX or your Zero Trust program. I know that sounds like a big ask but if you start small and build off of it, it will make our lives easier in the future and less dependent on application capabilities.

That sounds awesome, but above my current skill level, unfortunately. One day! Thank you for your response.

Thanks for responding. Ok, my next step was a customization so I guess I’ll be going that route.

Hi Erin,

You could turn on the audit log for the table UserFile. Every time you get a new record on it, then it’s a new user. I like to have the audit on also for security group changes.