Non-Qty Bearing Parts - Negative Available Qty

Hey all,
We have a few parts set up as Non-Qty Bearing, for things like documentation or other deliverables that are not produced by a job.

The Available Qty for these parts displays as a negative value in the Sales Order release. Not a huge deal, but a bit confusing and strange looking.


Anyone else notice this, or know of a way to prevent it?

Do you know if the part was once quantity bearing?

No, we created it as a new part and Qty Bearing = false from the start.

Interesting. Are there any transactions in Part Transaction History? Maybe there is something in there that might explain it.

The availability looks at other orders and subtracts it from what’s on hand. (which is 0).

I expect that there is another order out there for this?

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OK, makes sense. We have 4 open order releases at Qty 1 each.

It would be nice if that calculation took QtyBearing into account, and just force it to 0, as it doesn’t have a lot of meaning.


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I agree. I don’t really put any faith in that number because the orders could be at any point, so if they are way out in the future, they still count towards the negative. So you really have to go to time phase to see if they are really “available” or not. And of course “it’s depends” is strong with that problem.

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