Nonconformance of replaceable component from purchased part

Mauell Corporation purchases video equipment for some jobs. In some cases,
the equipment is purchased as a complete unit from a supplier and,
accordingly, it is added to a job as a single material requirement. A good
example of this would be a video projector. However, the equipment
sometimes does not conform to Mauell's requirements because a single
replaceable component is not functioning properly. A good example of this
would be a replaceable lamp inside the projector. Mauell normally obtains a
RMA from the supplier for the replaceable component only. I would like to
enter a job material nonconformance for the purchased unit but create a DMR
and obtain a RMA only for the defective component. Does anyone know a
workaround for this situation? Would a phantom BOM (something Mauell has
never used) provide a solution?

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