We build lower level subassemblies in advance and stock in inventory. They are issued as a material- not a subassembly- to a job to build a higher level part. My problem pertains to creating nonconformances for the piece parts that make up the lower level part once it has been issued to the higher level assembly job.

In Vantage 6.1, if the lower level part was marked "view as assembly" we were able to drill down into the piece parts that make it up and enter a nonconformance from material that would pull just that piece part off the job and into inspection.

Now I am at a company running Vantage 8.03.408B and apparently this is not possible. I am told by Epicor that it was not possible in 6.1 either when I know for certain that we were able to do it.

Anyone running 6.1 that has experience with this? Perhaps I am losing my mind. Anyone running 8.03 that has found a way to handle this scenario? I don't want to pull the entire lower level subpart off the job when it is just a washer or something similar that is bad...

Thanks in advance,