Not pouring salt on wounds here... Vantage vs J OBBoss

Never mind the philosophical issue of restricting access to patches after
you've bought (a broken?) the product in the first place...

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Your are correct ! However, I can not help but feeling displeasure at
this situation. Sorry If I vented to much publicly. However, hopefully
some good can come from this situation by epicor allowing access to older
patches from the their website. Having the archives available would have
avoided this whole unpleasant situation.

Rick Joslin
V-S Industries

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Subject: not pouring salt on wounds here... Vantage vs JOBBoss

Hello Rick,

I read your posting and feel your frustration... particularly the part about
"cash crop"! But as a former JOBBoss or as I called it 'JOBBitch' I can say
from experience Vantage is a far superior product. We started with the very
early DOS version of JBD and progressed with it through JBW 4.23 and
experienced many of the same issues as Vantage but with less the feeling of
being harve$ted. Vantage gave up significantly more flexibility. However, we
started with Vantage 3.0 and are upto 5.00 (no hurry for 5.1) I feel the
quality of the coding has regressed and that they rush patches out without
proper testing leaving us to find the flaws for them.

Anyway, jst wanted to add my 2 cents worth.

Good luck.


E. Lee Ingalls III
Imformation Technology Director
Commercial Tool & Die, Inc.

Fortitudine Vincimus: "by Endurance we conquer."

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