NumericEditor Not Displaying Value Until Clicked

I have an EpiNumericEditor that I’m pulling data into from an EpiDataView. The value is there, it’s just not being displayed until I click the control. I’ve tried using oTrans.Refresh but since I’m trying to get these values on form initialization it loops lol.

Here’s the codes I’m using or have tried:

public void getdesign()

	EpiDataView qDtl = (EpiDataView)oTrans.EpiDataViews["QuoteDtl"];
	if (qDtl != null && qDtl.Row > -1)

        nemaxwheeldiameter.Value = (decimal)qDtl.dataView[qDtl.Row]["Max_Wheel_Diameter_c"];

	neminwheeldiameter.Value = Convert.ToDecimal(qDtl.dataView[qDtl.Row]["Min_Wheel_Diameter_c"]);

	nemaxwheelwidth.Text = (decimal)qDtl.dataView[qDtl.Row]["Max_Wheel_Width_c"];

	neminwheelwidth.Value = qDtl.dataView[qDtl.Row]["Min_Wheel_Width_c"];

Any ideas?

Nevermind, I figured it out.

The control was too small for the size of the mask. The values were just hidden out of bounds, to the right.

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