Numerous sites running E10 have end users receiving errors biweekly for simple tasks

Currently we have several sites that are running E10 and some sites are running versions 400 and 600. What odd is for the past month, whether it be each day or bi weekly it seems the users keep getting prompted errors such as “Row has been modified by another user and couldnt be updated” or “unable to load user.svc”

Without any changes being made to the software such as form changes or BPM’s, and what resolves the issue everytime is either resetting the IIS APP POOL or restarting the ICE Task Agent Service. At this point I have even restarted the servers several times and even regenerated the data models but the sites keep receiving these issues frequently and randomly.

Has anyone reported something like this before?

I’ve typically only received this error when a BPM was poorly written and was updating a record on the form the user was currently looking at without refreshing.

I believe I’ve seen this when the memory consumption on the server got too high.
I set a limit on it and haven’t seen it since.

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Check the ‘flight recorder’ PLEASE look in the 'Flight Data Recorder' - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum to see if there is more information on the load svc error. It could be the memory issue as mentioned.

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I agree with @hmwillett
These definitely look like a bad BPM

Thanks for the advice, I will follow up internally to see what custom BPMs are currently present. Out of curiosity is there an overall task manager or log source for all the tasks currently active or scheduled? Because it seems like the activity monitor is per user session.

If you’re a system admin, you can go up to Actions —> Display All Tasks in the System Monitor.