Object in use elsewhere

I’ve been running into a strange issue for months. We haven’t gone live yet. Every once in a while when loading something (whether it be opening a new form or loading the results of a search) we’ll get an exception pop up saying “Object in use elsewhere”, and some control on the form (usually random) turns into a red box with an X through it.

I’ve gotten it pretty consistently in the Dashboard program lately, when I load a dashboard through the search function. If I have Developer turned on in that program when loading a dashboard through the search function, the left side panel will typically be the control to X-out. Just now, with Developer off, it’s the status bar at the bottom that is X-ed out: https://i.imgur.com/9Hk4nLk.png

Most of the time, this is just an annoyance, but sometimes it does make the form unusable. I’m the only one working in Epicor right now, but it’s happening to me several times a day.

Any ideas?

Do you have any themes in use? Like if you tried to change the look of the test System, so you’d know you were in it.

Yes, our consultants applied a theme to our pilot environment with the word “Pilot” overlayed. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve encountered this in the Live environment, but I haven’t been doing much work there yet.

Thank you.

Chris - Searching on the “Object in use elsewhere” error, that appears to be related to multi-threading problems potentially around Paint events. The Epicor client - and WinForms in general - does not really do much with multi-threading and there are not a lot of reports of this kind of problem. It looks like there are some reports of this problem and Infragistics so @ckrusen thought about Themes could be right on.

Do a reinstall of the latest version of .NET.
View Task Manager to see if you have high resource usage - either from Epicor or some other application - that may contribute to the issue.
When you get the pop-up error, view and capture the Detail and submit to Tech Support.