Objection Blank Title 62289

On my LIFO project, I'm trying to import the LIFO standard material costs to
an existing Cost Group. I turned on tracing and did a manual update in the
Costing Work Bench. There are just two objects involved that have two
different kinds of datasets:

- CostPartSearch object that returns a CostPartSearchDataSet

- CostWorkBench object that returns a CostWorkBenchDataSet

In the trace, all I see is the search with the CostPartSearch Object and then
an Update with the CostWorkBench object. What I don't see is how the records
from the search object get into the CostWorkBenchData for the Update method of
the CostingWorkBench object. Each dataset has a CostPart but I'm not seeing
anything in the trace that moves one to the other and I'm not seeing how to
cast the SearchDataSet to the regular DataSet either. I'm sure that there is
an easy way to do this because almost every object has a search object
associated with its normal object.

Is there anyone more involved with the Epicor object model that can shed some
light on this?


Mark W.