ODBC and Access97

Has anyone found a resolution to the ODBC issues. Inconsistancies,
field sizes etc. I've been through all the possible resolutions
offered by Tech Support with no luck. I've even had a phone
conversation with Custom Programming regarding ODBC and my custom
Access97 Estimating package. Custom progamming has had little
exposure to the ODBC drivers and wasn't aware of any issues/problems.
To their credit both Tech Support and Custom programming, seem to be
genuinely concerned about our problem, but as of yet have not come up
with a solution. Anybody have any luck with this?

On Thursday we got back onto the subject of call fail errors and the
Merant 3.5 ODBC Driver/Morocco. I had written that I was experiencing
the same issue with an Estimating Package created in Access97. Tech
Support had suggested to me that I had 2 options. Migrating to
Access2000 or Merant Driver 3.6. Brian had reported that he had a
similar situation and had both Access2000 and the 3.6 Driver, but
neither worked. I attempted a converstion to Access2000 on Friday and
also found this not to be the answer. I'm now wondering about the
possibility of an ODBC Driver from a different Vendor. Is there any
available? Is anybody using one? With Access97 and Morocco? I'm
grasping here I know, but the issue is too important. Not only is it
an election year, but it's also time for my annual review!