ODBC Connection User Name and Password

I setup the SQL Native Client ODBC driver on my workstation, and it connects to the DB without any problems. It did not ask for a username or password during the ODBC configuration, and does not ask for one when using the connection in Excel.

But when I use a Crystal Report that uses an ODBC connection for its data (and not a BAQ), it prompts me for a username and password.

I’ve tried my domain account credentials, and several Epicor user accounts, but no luck.

Is this something I need to set on the SQL server?

I assume what ever those values are, are what I put in the User Name and Password fields in the Company Maint \ Email and Reporting screen



Not sure if this will help, with the improved RDD capabilities in E9, we stopped using ODBC in Crystal with E9.04/E9.05 days. But when we were, the ODBC connection had to be setup using the ODBC 32bit executable, path was in Win7; c:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe Once that was setup, Crystal used the same ODBC connection we used for Excel/Access.