ODBC & Crystal Reports

Are you using Merant's ODBC driver? If so, you would use the Progress "User
DSN" to connect the report to the database. You could also setup a System
DSN but is truely not needed. I don't know any other way to connect if you
are using another driver. If you need more specifics as to the information
needed in the connect options, Merant has a very good Tech Support. At
least I think so.

Roy Bosworth
Senior Manager IT/MIS

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Hello Everyone,

I'm modifying a Crystal Reports (Return Authorization) that I will
make into an exe and fire when a user presses a button on a VB form.

I can make the button, I can even make the report attempt to fire. I
cannot figure out how to 'Hook it up' to the Vantage DB.

I'm guessing that it is an ODBC issue. I can get to a point in
Crystal where I can open a DB connection but I don't know what I am
to connect to - the DB on the network or the DBF's on the local
machine. Do I use a Paradox (.db) format or some other type? How is
this ODBC going to affect other users? Will the compiled report do
all the ODBC stuff automatically?

Can somebody who has done a similar report walk me through opening a
DB connection in Crystal?

Thanks in advance!

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