ODBC error (-7748) using Access 2007 on Vista 64bit

When trying to use Microsoft Access 2007 and the OpenEdge 10.1b ODBC
drive on a Vista 64bit system I was getting the error "Reserved error
(-7748): there is no message for this error".

To fix this, open the registry and add the following fix.

Run RegEdit

2. Locate the ODBC DSN in the Registry:

For a SYSTEM Data Source, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software ->
Wow6432Node -> ODBC -> ODBC.INI -> YourDataSourceName

3. Click on the folder for your data source; from the menu choose:
Edit -> New -> String Value

4. Set the name of the new string value to be WorkArounds2

5. Double click on WorkArounds2 in the right hand panel; this will
bring up a dialog box with a data value field

6. Change the data value to WorkArounds2=40960

7. Click OK

8. Close RegEdit

After doing this I can now use the ODBC drive on my 64bit Vista and
Access 2007.

Hope this helps,

Dave Olender dolender@...
Ph: 651-246-3281