ODBC over VPN Blank Title 58919

We have a number of remote Vantage (6.1) users who run terminal
service sessions over VPN links. The Terminal Service Host is a
local server set up to run Vantage clients. No other user software
such as MS Office is currently loaded on the TS Host.

I now wish to enable remote users to import data into their Excel
spreadsheets via MS Query and ODBC and like the way that this can be
done quite seamlessly.

Unfortunately the standard Vantage ODBC installation runs very
slowly over VPN. I am guessing that is at least in part because the
DLL file is left on the database server and must be accessed over
the VPN Link.

I do have other options such as using BAQs or installing MS Office
on the TS Host but speeding up ODBC is the preferred path if that is

Has anyone been able to get ODBC flying over VPN lines?

Bob Findlay