Off Topic: Actuate vs. Seagate


Everyone at Epicor seems to have forgotten that Actuate was
supposed to become the report engine of choice in Vantage
4.0 <g>. If you ask "What happened to the Actuate report
writer?" you get a blank stare.

Actuate e.Report works with Progress database servers. However
it does require a separate reporting server, I believe. I think
the reason that it was dropped from Vantage was due to the
complexity of the product and the "e" focus that Actuate was
putting on their entire product line.

In any case you're probably better off sticking with Crystal.
Once you invest some training time/$ into it, it is a pretty nice
tool. And it is widely supported, so finding technical resources
is easy.

have fun,

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I just got an add for Actuate reporting software. Is there anyone that has
used this product or can tell me that it will or will not work with Vantage.
If there is someone that has used it, can you let me know if it is good bad
or otherwise. We use Crystal now, but I am always open to suggestions.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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