Off Topic - Frame Relay

We're using a 128K Frame to connect our U.S. divisions. In conjunction with
Citrix it has been a great solution for running Vantage remotely for the last 4
years. Before Citrix, Vantage wasn't very usable over our WAN.

In essence, Citrix helped to increase our data communication ROI thus reducing
our TCO.

Crikey, I sound like a sales guy...

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Subject: [Vantage] Off Topic - Frame Relay
Author: <>
Date: 8/2/2001 10:31 AM

If anyone is using a Frame Relay 256k/128k - how is the speed and are you
happy with it? What kind of things are you doing over the Frame Relay?

Thanks for any information. You may call me at 815-639-4597 or email me at

Les Hanson - IS Mgr.
Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

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