Off Topic: Netscape Messenger:

Forget my request for help. The problem was with our mail

Marty Kuphall
I need the help of a Netscape Messenger expert.

We are on Netscape v.4.72. Email was working great on
Friday. As of this morning when we try to send a message we
get the following error:

Username and Password Required
This operation requires authentication.
Please enter your username and password.

We enter the name and pswd but the message does not go away.
We cannot get past it.

Other helpful info:
*All users have v4.72 installed on their local machine and
have preferences set to Remember Password.
*If I bypass Netscape and go directly to our mail server
(hosted by a 3rd party) I have no problem. (so this implies
it's a Netscape problem).
*If I turn off remember pswd I can sometimes send a message
and it doesn't ask for a pswd. but later it switches back to
asking for the pswd again.
*This is affecting various users at various times. It is not
consistent at all workstations.
*We can still receive mail.
*Netscape help was of no help. It says to enter a name and
pswd (brilliant!!)

Can anyone help??