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Sarah (and Wendy):

On your Pro-E and Pro-man topic, we were told by Pro-E tech support that
since the software is not (at the time-several months ago) multi-threaded,
dual processors wouldn't make the difference. He suggested the fastest
processor and 512+ memory. That made a big difference for our Pro-E
users-this is workstations, our seats are on individual workstations, not on
a server-client set-up.

Our parts are small, but some are very complex - valves and fluid delivery
systems, if that makes any difference. We just bought Dells for our new
engineers and they seem to be pretty happy, but maybe they just like their
parking, beats me.

Canyon Engineering Products, Inc.

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Hi Wnedy,

I asked or IT guy here who is also an engineer and does design/animations,
etc. He also runs acompany where he builds PC's and networks. We do not
really use that software here, but he belives it would take advantage of the
dual processors and the dual P3 would therefore be better.

We have recently been working to find the best possible PC for running Pro/E
and Pro/Man software here. What we did was get demo pc's configured to the
max and we are testing them all for speed on some of our most data-crunching
and graphics intensive jobs. We are to be finishing the testing up over the
next couple of weeks. Maybe you would consider trying something similar for
UG, then you would know for certain that you ahve the best config/PC for
your app.


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