Off topic / survey

I would like to thank everyone who was kind enough to answer my little survey.
It seems as though we have some very impressive titles. It also seems as if we
do not have the salaries to match. For everyone who included a salary /
I can honestly tell you that the salaries are well below what has been
reported in
some of the most recent salary surveys in your areas. Another trend that seems
to keep popping up is the multi talented IT / MIS personnel that is doing
much more
than what would normally be expected. While most of the respondents work for
small to medium sized companies, the misuse of talent doesn't seem to be
by company size.

Titles ranged from IS / MIS manager / director to Controller.

Responsibilities ran the Gamut from just Vantage through to everything
related short of Voodoo magic.

Network Size: Smallest reported 1 server 20 clients single location
Largest reported 10 servers 120 clients 4 locations

Additional Responsibilities: Everything from Telecommunications to
Engineering, to
Financial, to working in the shop.(we are a diverse group)

Salaries: salaries ranged from a low of $30,000.00 to a high of $75,000.00.
With the highest
being reported in the Western part of the country. The
highest salaries were also
reported by the financial guys. ( Why doesn't that suprise me)

In closing it seems as if most if not all of us are overworked and underpaid.
This information has turned out to be much more important than I could have

Marvin R. Myers
Computer Systems Engineer