Off-Topic: Win2000 or Win 98 as preferred desktop OS?

I have operating workstations with Win95, Win98. Windows NT 4.0, and Windows
@2000. Performance is as follows:

Win95 - Ok - most of the time no problem but at least One or Two BSOD's a
Win98 - Ok - fewer gliches, but security is pretty much non-existant.
WINNT - Much Much Better - rare BSOD's sufficient security to prevent
unauthorized fiddling.
WIN2K - In place for about 3 months, No gliches at all, Though I did loose
some software because of compatibility issues.

The bottom line: WINNT 4.0 for at least another year except in special
cases. 95 and 98 have no guts, and WIN2K is too new.
Shirley H. Graver
Systems Administrator
Rubber Associates Inc. (Certified to QS9000/ISO9002)
Cleveland/Akron, Ohio

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I have the option to begin phasing in new workstations, and as I order them
the OS is my choice. What about 2000 with general compatability issues with
Vantage, Crystal, etc. Just looking for opinions from the trailblazers in
the group.


Jim Carnes
Kenlee Precision Corp