Office 365 and maximum emails

I have an issue where a client is trying to email invoices to their customer. They use Office 365 and if they send to many invoices at once, some of the emails simply drop. The ideal solution would be that Epicor throttles the number of emails it sends per minute, but that won’t happen anytime soon. We could theoretically setup an SMTP server internally, but that seems overkill for the whole thing. Any ideas?

A bulk SMTP service like SendGrid or Mailgun. You keep your domain off the blacklists that way too. As they take care of unsubscribes and everything that goes into bulk email.

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SMTP Relay sounds perfect. $15/mo for 50k of emails. This would only be emails originated from Epicor, so hopefully it would work.

We use them for a lot of SMTP services, works great. Takes care of a lot of delivery problems too. Their logging is really good. If a customer says they didn’t get something we have a log down to them clicking a link in the email. Or you can see they reported you as SPAM and it was sent to Junk.