Office365 and distribution Lists not being sent

Our BPMs can send emails with 365 if I actually have a real recipient (, but if I have a distribution list ( that will not go through.

Is there something I can pass along to my 365 Admin guy to help me?

By default, O365 distribution groups are available from inside the organization. I think the Admin has to let external users allow the group to receive email from outside the org. Just a guess but I think that might be it.

Mark W.

We had that set up already, wonder if it did not translate when they migrated.

Add send on behalf rights in the distribution list to the user you authenticate as, you can then send as the distribution list.

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thanks, will pass this along. Unfortunately I dont have access to that anymore.

You want to grant Send As permissions in the group delegation or you will not get the desired results.



Thanks Dan! I was working from memory on that one.