On Hand Qty at any given moment

I built something a BAQ report a while back.
Sorted by PartTran.trannum, with a formula to calc qty per trantype and summed those qty's with running total.
I used the Part transaction History tracker to verify the date/qtys & remember it being pretty obvious when I didn't handle a TranType correctly.

One tricky part might be if you have transfer orders, multiple plants.

Hi all,

I am trying to build a report to get the total on hand qty at any given date.

For example, I would enter in a date and the report would give me the parts total on hand qty at that specific date.

Has anyone ever built a report like this? I've searched through Epicor to try to find something that does this and I haven't had any luck.

I am trying to use the Part Tran table to build my own BAQ to make the report myself, but I am having an issue trying to figure out which transactions are qty adjustments.

The Part Tran table has a field called InventoryTrans that I am using to base the total qty off of, but I think that is still including transactions that don't necessarily affect on hand qty.

Does anyone know which TranType's affect the on hand quantity?

Also, if there is a better table/method to use to figure this out please let me know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Wouldn't the stock status report give you this information? Choose your date and it should calculate back transactions since that date to give you on hand qty. as of a specified date.


I hadn't seen this report, but yes that does work! Thank you.

Ideally I was looking for something I could go by part and date, but this has part class and warehouse which is sufficient.

Thank you :)