On prem to Azure syncronization

We have our on prem servers in a hosted data center, which as worked really well for us. I have asked, and they do not provide a way for us to do a Zerto Labs type of setup.

What we’d like to do is have a test environment that we’d like to “spin up” on Azure that we can do upgrade testing and other development work on. I would want this environment to mirror our current setup.

Has anybody else done this with their Epicor setup? Is there any advice that you can offer?

We’re not interested in migrating to Azure, just having a place where a couple months a year we can spin up a test environment to ensure final upgrades will be fully tested before we do it on the production servers.

Doug, THIS is the kind of things that DevOps culture brings. Reproducible environments on demand. I assume that Epicor SaaS does this but not for a lot-size of one like we want to do. What I’d like to have is an ARM Template(s) to create the server(s) and then some PowerShell to install the application servers. I was starting this in my off hours for 10.2.700. Bonus points: PowerShell scripts to backup the production server and restore it to the new test server and run the upgrade scripts.

If done right, one could do the same for developers using the education database… :thinking: And it doesn’t have to be Azure. One should be able to do this in Hyper-V or VMWare too.

These are the kind of things I’m talking about in the Epicor Idea’s site. Nobody has time for automation but plenty of time to do it manually again, and again, and… :man_shrugging:

This is my issue. I can set up something close internally, but it won’t match the exact files on our production servers. I’m worried know that if I try that, something will end up biting me on the production server upgrade.

I would even pay a little extra in my hosted service if I could turn my DRaaS into a lab at will.

You may want to checkout Veeam’s Virtual Labs. This let’s you spin up copies of your prod server in an isolated virtual network. We use it to test upgrades and it is amazing.