On upgrade, always run personalization purge for all?

We are testing 10.2.400 (from 10.2.100) and two issues that I’ve had were related to personalizations brought over. After deleting their personalization, the user’s issue went away. Which brings me to my question: Do you recommend just running the personalization purge for all users when upgrading Epicor to a new release?

Having gone through 2 Upgrades to 10.2.400.x in the past couple of months, I strongly recommend prior to upgrading your database to do the “Purge ALL Personalizations”. I have seen weird/strange behavior in forms (especially customized ones) if you do not. Its a minor nuisance to the end-users, but worth in the end if you have troubleshoot issues later on.


I’ve been told the same thing as @tomdomurat by Epicor.