One Button Disaster Recovery

Yes we have a HP Surestore DAT 40 Tape Drive in our server and it has
the "One Button Disaster Recovery" feature. Our server is not an IBM
Netfinity but I would think that it should work about the same
regardless of the server machine. I have only good things to say
about this product. I have never had to use the disaster recovery
for real but being curious (and cautious) I have tested it and it
really works the way it is supposed to. What it really does is save
the system and boot files to the tape (along with the rest of the
files) and the tape drive has the ability to boot from the tape.
This is executed by holding down "One Button" on the tape drive when
booting the server computer then the tape drive restores the entire
system and hard drive, everything!! To answer your question about if
it is even useful, one only has to have experienced trying to recover
from a hard drive crash on their server. Believe me it can be a real
pain and the server is almost never restored to it's original state.
With the "One Button Disaster Recovery" scenario all you need to do
is replace the hard drive with one of equal or larger size and use
the "One button" to restore the complete system and hard drive.

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Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 15:41:39 -0500
From: "Gary Schmucker" <gslycro@...>
Subject: Off Subject - One Button Disaster Recovery

Hi all,

I'm just curious to know if anyone has used HP's one button
disaster recovery capable tape drive with an IBM Netfinity 5000
server. Is it compatible with IBM's hardware? Is one button disaster
recovery even useful? Thanks!!