One for the ABL/Progress experts smtpmail.p

I have been using smtpmail.p for quite a while as I can send handcrafted .mfgsys files as attachments for users to be able to click on the link in their email and open up the form straight up. I was doing some maintenance and noticed that in a day the file socketemail.log file had grown from 40MB to 23GB! I discovered that there were thousands of files with the following line “05/11/17 08:00:28 writedata - in 0 21 0” with the time slowly changing. App server restarts have resolved the file growth issue, but I would like to understand more as what it actually means. I am assuming the smtpmail got stuck in some loop attempting prepare the email with the attachment.

We send the mail to a local smtp server which then relays to our exchange server if that’s any interest.

If anyone has had something similar happen in their environment using smtpmail.p


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Hi @Hally did you have an example about using the smtpmail.p file in a BPM? I’m trying to send emails with attachments for a customer who has E9 and I was reading about smtpmail.p but I haven’t found any example in Epicor besides I’m not sure where that file should be placed in the server.

Thanks in advance

Yes the .p has to go onto the server. For memory there are a few examples of .p’s in a test folder in the server directory. I don’t work at the company I implemented that code at so don’t have access to it sorry.

Maybe this link might help, but you might have seen it in your searches.

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Thanks a lot @Hally I really appreciate it.

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