OnPrem 2024.1 Kinetic (browser based) sometimes slow - how to troubleshoot?

Yesterday we went live with 2024.1 as browser only (loooong journey, but glad we finally got here). Throughout the day yesterday and today users are reporting slowness on seemingly random screens. Sometimes when a lot of data is being displayed, other times when hardly anything is being displayed.

There is usually a spinner on the screen that doesn’t stop (one user let is sit for over 20 minutes and it never loaded). A shift + refresh often fixes the issue, but it is happening a fair amount (maybe 25 times yesterday). If it happens to the same user over and over, I just clear all the browser history and that seems to keep them running (but we all started with fresh browsers yesterday).

How do I even go about troubleshooting this? The shift + refresh solution is causing some to ask what else is going on.


do you have some examples on screens that have the spinning wheel of death. We are looking to upgrade to 2024.1.6 in a week or so.

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Nothing consistent yet. A customer tracker here, a list of parts there, etc…

I reported an issue with Fulfillment Workbench to Support.
We have some parts in many bins (200-400) so the PartBin records queried are large.
Through testing, we found that if a part is contained in more than 100 bins, then the allocation starts to slow down. We think this is exponential. Allocating a part with less than 100 bins takes few seconds to maybe 30 seconds which is the user patience limit. When we allocate a part with 400 bin locations, the time it took to allocate was over 13 min.

2023.2.x Thames 1-2 seconds to allocate no matter how many bin records.

Epicor is looking into the server log.

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since you are cloud they do this for you?

Are you truly OnPrem with your own physical servers or are you private cloud (which Epicor considers OnPrem)? How many users do you have?

When we upgraded to 2022.1 and moved to private cloud, we experienced similar random slowdowns. We ended up deploying a second appserver instance in which to only run the Task Agent service (no users pointed to this instance). Prior to this we had always run the Task Agent on the same server as our appserver without issue.

Sorry, I’m on-prem but they recreated the issue at their end and looking at their log.

Oh, okay.

You can download your own logs in the cloud now with Server File Download.

It’s under Directory Type: Admin → .Folder: appserverlogs → [the log files]

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Right on, I was just wondering if now part of SaaS was they investigate these issues for you using your logs… maybe wishful thinking?