Open Attachment From Dashboard Click

I have a dashboard that contains the file path to attached documents and I would like to make the path clickable, like a URL. Has anyone found an easy way to accomplish this?

I am using a Cell Click Button event get the data from the XFileRef_XFileDesc column which contains the entire path and filename. Our attachments are on a local file system.

Here is a snippet of the code. I made my cell a button calling the ClickCellButton event but you could do this with just a CellClick event also.

            private void grdResults_ClickCellButton(object sender, Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.CellEventArgs args)


                            switch (args.Cell.Column.Key)


                                            case "XFileRef_XFileDesc":




                                                                            MessageBox.Show("No Document to View");



Hi Scott could you please tell me which type it is the class Process where you are invoking the method Start ??