Open Invoice Load

Dear Group,

Have anyone undergone the system migration using AP
and AR Open Invoice Load?

i am using Vantage 6.10.519; currently in the
Cutover/System Migration stage.

i have try to use the AP and AR Open Invoice Load but
it prompt for the Continue Alert: "The Total of the
Open Invoice Load does not match the Opening Balance"
whenever i want to post the Invoice Load! I have
countered check and tie the fiscal period and amount
applied with the GL Opening balance... but the Alert
message still prompt?

Anyone experience this before? what is the workaround
for the Open Invoice Load for AR and AP?

what is the effects or consequences to the AP/AR and
GL module if i insist to press the "Yes" from the
alert dialog box to proceed with the Open Invoice Load
posting; Any Impact?

Any prompt/advice is much appreciated!

Good Day,

with love,
bee ling ^_~

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