Open Report Data Definition in Kinetic Browser

Hi so we have already created Report Data Definition and a Report Style, We have already created a menu item to open the Report to but the problem is, we want to open it from the browser, and the Report from RDD is not generating application like creating a report from BAQ Report Designer. We also want to open the report from a button in Kinetic Layer. Any Suggestion? We want to use RDD because it has a feature that BAQ Report Designer doesn’t have.


Have you find an answer ?


Also wondering if there is an answer here on how to implement as a Kinetic menu item. I’ve got a multi-BAQ data source report which cannot be built as a BAQ report and now wondering how to establish this as a Kinetic version menu item. So far all I can do is establish a classic version of the UI presentation and don’t see anything similar to the BAQ report process.