Open Source Code 128 Bar Code Font / Crystal

Hey gang,

Looking for some beta testers for our latest Free / Open Source
contribution. What we have is a UFL to be used with Crystal Reports
that allows you to use the Open Source Code 128 bar code fonts from:

The UFL can be downloaded from here:

Download and copy the DLL contained within into your
C:\Winnt\System32 directory. Next, register the DLL by clicking on
Start, going to Run, and entering this into the box:

regsvr32 c:\Winnt\System32\CRUFLBarFonts.dll

Now you will have a new function in Crystal under the 'Additional
Functions' grouping called BarFontsCode128b. Pass the data into this
function that you want to be bar-coded and set the font for the formula
to 'Code 128 JK'

Looking forward to your feedback,
Adam Ellis <aellis@...>