Open With Function Not Working

I have made a BAQ for Supplier Quick Search, however, I have lost Epicor’s Open With functionality on Supplier.
How can I get that function back and still keep my Quick Search?

Under utilities go to Context Menu maintenance and remove the personalization that is messing you up.

There is some combination with the quick search and the context checkboxes that causes this.

Brad Boes

I don’t see any context checkboxes, where is it?

The check boxes I was referring to were on the Quick Search setup. I think these can cause this issue sometimes.

To fix this, go to the System Maintanence – Utilities menu and then open the Context Menu Maintenance.

Search for the search dialogue dll this will be based the “like” field shown on the quick search.

Then go to the menu tab. Click on the Customization button to see the personalization, delete that and reset the menu to base.


Brad Boes