Open4 and/or Progress Gurus

Trying to print a Word document from an Open4 button
(progress db)

I can define, and populate fields.
I can not get the content of the standard fields to pass to the WORD document.

I am trying to pass a series of fields which are both numeric and character.
Does anyone know the syntax for the ASSIGN statement?

A bit of the code is below:
Assign Field1 = hr_catdata.amount_01.
Assign Field2 = hr_catdata.amount_02.
Assign Field3 = hr_catdata.amount_03.
Assign Field14 = hr_catdata.char_01.
Assign w_other_data = "Field1`Field2`Field3`Field14".

run o4sy15lt.w
("Review - Salary Test","Argo_test_letter.rtf",
w_other_data ) .

From this code I get the WORD doc with the field names printed.
i.e. FIELD1

instead of the contents of the field.

Have tried:
separating fields with ,
fields with-in and with-out quotes
fields using &Field1

All other ideas are appreciated.

Babette Welch
IT Director
Argonics, Inc.
1110 Wright Street
Marquette MI 49855
906.226.9747 ext 235

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