Open4 - Connect to V9.X and E10.X

I am preparing to install Open4 on Server 2016 x64 and have a question.

I would like to connect to an V9.5.701 DB on our TEST server as well as E10.2.2.12 on our other TEST server.

Each instance would have it’s own O4db so it seems like it should work.

The other question is what version of Open Edge would be best to use, currently I have OE 10.2 32bit, would I be able to use OE 11.x 64bit ? If so, how do I convert the existing O4db to 64bit when I bring them over ?

Any advice on the best options would be appreciated.


This turned out to be a bad idea so I didn’t do it.
I did end up setting up an Open4 Server to connect to our E10 instance.