Opening another Company form

I have searched, but I haven’t found anything. Is it possible to create a menu item that opens a form in another company? We will have global customers and I’d like to be able to enable our users to open a form in a different company from their favorites.

If not, can it be done via customizing the customer entry screen? (Adding a button and C# code).


Off the wall solution but what about enterprise search? Enterprise search will display results from any company a user has access to. Then in the results you get access to the context menu right click options for that type and can open forms - when those forms open, it will be in the context of the company for that record, not in the context of the company that you are currently ‘in’.

I had someone in an accounting department tell me one year they considered enterprise search mission critical for closing the books because of there ability to search for and fine records in any company and open them without having to reset to a different current company.

There may be another way, but that is the one I know of.

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On the menu item that is on Favorites your can Right Click on it and edit the properties and select what Company you want it to open from. Also you can Change the shorcut name to specify the company, i.e. Part - Company1.

Wow! That was too easy. We usually log onto the Modern (no checkboxes on the login) so that option wasn’t available. When I went into Active Home Page and followed your instruction, it is available in all the interface types.


This definitely is an option. There are some security concerns we have with certain users having access to the enterprise search.

If the security concerns are related to how to set it up in Epicor what are they? if they are people problems - I sympathize and need no details.