Opening balances from per 1 to per 2

vantage version 3.00.632

we are trying to reconstruct our vantage general ledger so that it
coincides with our old general ledger.

a. we have closed out our prior year and have verified that our
opening balances are correct for starting per 1.

b. we have done a net journal entry for per 1 to reverse transaction
detail resulting in net zero activity for per 1. the balances in all
accounts reflect the opening balances as they were at year end. have
not closed per 1 or created a journal entry to reflect the net
transaction balance for per 1 corresponding to old general ledger.

c. ran a trial balance for period 2 to do the same net resulting
activity as in step b. the opening balance for per 2 is dramatically
different than my ending balance for per 1 and the closed out fy year
end balance.

What are solutions???????