Opening customer tracker focuses wrong tab

I figured it out… If you use Save Layouts as a developer, it will remember the Tab and Docking as usual. However on Customer Tracker for example (probably many other forms), because the OnLoad focuses it to the KeyField you have the perception that it didnt save it… until you run it from a Personalization layer, then it does honor the Dock Layout.

Chances are that you have Dock Layouts on the Customization, it may be accidental (unpinning, pinning a tab).

You can fix it by viewing the XML of the Customization and removing the Dock Layout or modifying it to change the the XML

How does Epicor decide which tab to select? It looks at the SelectedTabIndex in the LayoutXML

Also if you add your own Custom Tab you probably tinker with Save Layouts, just make sure you focus back on the Main Tab before hitting Save Layouts so it can try to updated the SelectedTabIndex with 0 usually.