Opening WIP Balances


We are having a problem importing our opening WIP Balances they are not filtering through to the trial balnces, has anyone else had this issue when importing WIP from the old system.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.



How are you importing the WIP balances and why do you think they would flow through to the GL?


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If you do put $$$ into the WIP accts, there won’t be any way to get them out, without a PartTran with a JobNum to relate them too.

WIP is probably the one acct that you should NEVER do a JE against.

WIP gets $$$ into when mtl is issued, rcv’d to job, etc… Every Tran that puts $$$ into WIP must reference a JobNum.

WIP $$$ go out when the Job is Shipped, Receviced to stock, etc…, by summing up the trans related to that job.