Oper text Questions

I am having some trouble understanding the Operations Text entries which can
be linked to operations and print on the Traveler. I am trying to print
them on a RB report and am having trouble getting them to look right.

The text area is a memo field (1000 char) so in RB it gets truncated to 254
leaving out some of the text. I have split it into 80 char chunks (similar
to the entry text box width) and can print it all but the formating is
wrong. On the screen (and on the travelers) it obeys carriage returns so
multiple lines line up correctly. When I try to parse the memo field
looking for CR or CHR(13) characters it does not find them. I know
something has to be in there to tell the travelers where to print on a new
line (wrap). Does anyone know if some other character is used to indicate
the "wrap point"? On the entry screen for the text I just enter a "Enter"
to drop down to the next line but apparently this does not put a CR in the

-Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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