Operations - Resource Scheduling Requirement

So im having a nightmare for a week or so on trying to get DMT to upload my BoO, as it is in the file…

I have tried running via DMT and building manually
so some pre-requsites to help the Pro’s out there :pray:

  • 1 Operation per Resource Group
  • All operations have the Resources in NOT resource group
  • Ive used BAQ to wipe out all BoO inside Epicor
  • BoM’s are uploaded and correct

Ill attach some screenshots as i go hopefully…

Method tracker as of now shows this after doing the BoO Removal via DMT.

thats great, so i re-run the BAQ, shows 1 line… I dont know how or why, but i proceeded anyway.

I picked out the data i wanted to upload via the DMT

ECOGroupID Company Plant PartNum RevisionNum OprSeq OpCode OpDesc ProdStandard StdFormat EstSetHours AutoReceive FinalOpr ECOOpDtl#OpDtlSeq ECOOpDtl#ResourceGrpID ECOOpDtl#ResourceID ECOOpDtl#Company ECOOpDtl#GroupID ECOOpDtl#PartNum ECOOpDtl#RevisionNum ECOOpDtl#OprSeq ECOOpDtl#CapabilityID Machines
MB 164584 MfgSys 1000681-01 A 10 HNDWLDST Hand Welding STD 4 PH 0.5 TRUE TRUE 10 MFP2-7 115 164584 MB 1000681-01 A 10 1

I then start to run the DMT:

So i head into the BAQ: hundreds of lines of data again

So after throwing my laptop like a frisbee down the corridor, ive decided go old fashioned on it and do it by hand…

So revision A of the part, checked out to the Engineering workbench
And add in the Operation

RIIIIIIIIIIGHT so im getting somehwere now this explains the BAQ and DMT “stuff” slightly.

so i go and refer to my operation:

Resources in (as i discussed with a consultant), not a resource group, but now here is the question…

How do i get my BoO uploaded to do HNDWLDST on a specific resource inside that Operation, as part of the method, so some more context

  • Welding bays all “HNDWLDST”
  • Certain products get welded in certain bays so we direct to there via the BoO
  • We arent over complicating epicor with capability as we are not live yet
  • We have the resource ID we want things doing on, just cant seem to get the BoO to direct the work there.




Forget the BOO for now. Your Operation Maintenance setup doesn’t look right.

The way you have WLDHNST setup, you’re saying that every individual welding bay is required by default every time you add the operation to a BOO.

There are very few instances where you will need/want individual resources set as the scheduling requirement in operation maintenance. You just want to add the single resource group.

When you create your BOO, that’s when you can assign a specific resource to that parts revision. However your probably don’t want to do this a the BOO level either. You probably just want the Resource Group again.

By assigning an individual resource to an operation you’re saying that that is the ONLY resource that can be scheduled to complete that op. If you leave as just the resource group, when the job is scheduled the scheduling engine will assign the first available resource in that group.

If certain parts can only be welded in certain bays you have want to consider making some smaller resource groups that separates the bays into functional groups. Even if there is only one bay per group, that’s probably going to be a more effective setup then lumping them all together in single group. Every resource in group should be functionality identical.

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*The reason you have hundreds of lines of data when you query you BOO is because every operation has every bay listed as an individual scheduling resource.

After you clean up the default scheduling requirements in Operation Maintenance use DMT to delete all of your BOOs and start over. This is the best method for fixing OpDtl records.

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Firstly thank you! I am at my whits end here, we are going through implementation and this was an early doors decision we made on resources, groups and operations, and its come bite me now not asking more!

Always learning i suppose!

We do however have Advanced Planning and Scheduling, if that makes anything different from your response,

My idea was (from what i was initially shown) that we can select via the BoO a specific resource inside one of the Resource Groups, that way we can say “HNDWLDST” is possible on all these resources, however, on this specific Part, Revision, we do it in Resource ID 115 and that is where we would like to direct the demand.

Splitting more groups into the system, and operations i feel is “deep” in terms of data where as what im suggesting seems logical with the applications functionality and ability to “select” resources in the Engineering Workbench.

Ive got to a point now where I have my resources removed, resource groups are now showing multiple groups against 1 operation… DMT error, once that is clear im good to go

to test the theory of uploading a BoO with Resource Group, and ID to force the work to that ID

any idea on removing these errors on my DMT:

I appreciate your time, effort and response in helping me over this hurdle, its hard learning the new system but then applying yourself at the same time, its easy to get caught up in a billion concepts, ideas, demos and theorys… best action is pen to paper!

thanks i really appreciate it

Is that the Operation DMT or the Bill of Operations DMT?

If this the BOO DMT you may have to open the Engineering Workbench and Approve and Check In all revisions and try deleting again. Best guess.

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“Engineering Change Order” suggests there’s something in Engineering Workbench using the ops you’re trying to delete. Delete records in EcoOpr (or even the whole EcoRev) and that should remove that error.

Also I’m late to the party here and not 100% following what you’re trying to do. I’ve just seen a LOT of DMT errors in my day.

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For the benefit of just skipping on the DMT,
i manually removed all the bits in the operations, added in the group, run the BoO DMT with the 2 headings in

ECOOpDtl#ResourceGrpID ECOOpDtl#ResourceID

This has then assigned the resource ID to the part

Exactly how i wanted it too,
your suggestions on the operations were correct, however it has allowed me to select a specific ID within that resource group to perform the operation on.

thanks all
brilliant thread at least for future and for others to benefit from.

all the best, and thank you!