Optimization Software


I created a Microsoft Access front end to run cut lists for our Selco Panel
Saw which we us Cut Planner as our optimization software. Whether your
friend uses Cut Planner by Pattern Systems or the GIBEN's Optimization
Software its all a matter getting the fields in the right order and format
for the software to read it as a part file. The way my Access program works
is simply type in the order number and then I get all my parts that go to
the panel saw for that order along with all the necessary information sorted
by material number. If you have any other questions you can give me a call.

Ryan Larkin
Solid Comfort, Inc.

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Hi Group

I have a friend that would like to use Vantage, but is unsure wheteher it
would suit some of his machine software. is anybody familiar with
optimisation software or know of GIBEN Optimisation software for a GIBEN
CNC saw? (A German company I believe).

Thanks in advance

Gary Parfrey
Steatite Group Limited
Tel: 0044 (0)121 678 6834
Fax: 0044 (0)121 683 6998

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