Order Acknowledgement Address

We have several customers with many sites that we ship to. These sites
place their own orders and want to receive the order acknowledgements. But
the address in the "window" area on the acknowledgement is the primary or
billing address with the "ship to" address printing to the box at the right
of it. In some cases the A/P people are getting annoyed with receiving all
of the order acknowledgements intended for people at the ship-to location.

It would be pretty easy to subvert one of the regular address fields to
contain a test character (like .) and have the Crystal report swap the
addresses and labels (and omit the character) but I wanted to check the
experts first. Is there any way already built into the system to control
where acknowledgements are sent to? This has to be on a customer by
customer basis. I would use a VB form check box but Customer fields are not
passed to the acknowledgements report.

-Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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