Order BAQ help needed

You probably need to rethink the BAQ and go with order lines and not
orders. This will allow you to select those order lines that have been
untouched you can then link the order header and the customer for the
other criteria.

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We are trying to build a BAQ that lists only those open orders that have
had nothing shipped or invoiced yet, and the customer is not on credit
hold. Basically, we want a list of untouched orders. We just can't
seem to get it right. We are pulling data from the Orderhed, and
Customer. From OrderHed, we based our criteria on the fields
OpenOrder, TotalInvoiced, and TotalShipped. The criteria we are
applying to Customer is using the CreditHold field. Does anyone have
any suggestions for us? Thanks!

Here is our Query Phrase:

for each OrderHed where ( OrderHed.OpenOrder = true AND
OrderHed.TotalInvoiced = 0 AND OrderHed.TotalShipped = 0) no-lock ,
each Customer where ( Customer.CreditHold = false) and
(OrderHed.Company = Customer.Company and OrderHed.CustNum =
Customer.CustNum) no-lock .

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