Order Entry "New Line from Quote"

With the Sales Order Entry - New Line from Quote

Has anyone figured out how to use a customization with this form as
the default for the end users? It doesn't show up in a menu, and it
doesn't show a "Calling Process".

Part 2: Maybe someone might have a better way to do this, or it might
help someone else.

I duplicated the Quote/Line Button function and added some custom
code to it. The issue is when I do Basic search, it works and brings
back both Qutoenum and QUoteline properly. When I have it launch from
a quicksearch, it only brings back the 1 field properly. (The one
specified in the quicksearch.) So when I do a quicksearch It always
brings back "1" for the QuoteLine. It brings back the right QuoteNum
I've also tried manually creating the adapter for it, but it
complains about not being able to find the .DLL on listlookup. Anyone
have an example for this and can it be done? The adapter works
because I can fill it into a dataset and show it on a ultragrid.

Shown below is the code that I tried with the quick search method
Thanks for any help. Maybe this will help others out as well.

Imports System.Data.SQLClient

Private Sub btnEpiCustom1_Click(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Args As
System.EventArgs) Handles btnEpiCustom1.Click
'// ** Place Event Handling Code Here **

'Gives Current OrderHed DataView
Dim SalesRS As EpiDataView = CType(oTrans.EpiDataViews("OrderHed"),
'Gives Current CustNum Selected
Dim CustNum As Int32 = SalesRS.dataView(SalesRS.Row)("CustNum")

Dim RecSelected As Boolean
Dim showsearch as Boolean = False
dim whereclause as string = "CustNum = " & CustNum
Dim QuoteSearch As DataSet = SearchFunctions.listLookup
(otrans, "QuoteDtlSearchAdapter" , recSelected, True, whereClause)

if (RecSelected) Then
'Get Current Data View for QuoteDTL
Dim QuoteDtl As EpiDataView = CType(oTrans.EpiDataViews("OrderDtl"),

'Return the ListLookup Selected QuoteNum to Current QuoteDTL Record
QuoteDtl.dataView(QuoteDTL.ROW)("QuoteNum") = QuoteSearch.Tables

'Return the ListLookup Selected QuoteLine to Current QuoteDTL Record
QuoteDtl.dataView(QuoteDTL.Row)("QuoteLine")= QuoteSearch.Tables
end if

End Sub
I've ran into a little problem that I'm not able to fix on the Order
Entry, "New Line from Quote" Wizard.

When you click the "Quote/Line" button, it brings up all the quote
lines for the particular customer you have selected for the order.
The problem is, it doesn't check to see if the quote is open or not.
IE: it is showing all quote line items whether the quote is
completed/closed expired etc. Our order entry people only need to see
open and completed quotes. I made the BAQ for it and that works
properly. (With the exception of it automatically pulling the
customer into the query) So I tried making the BAQ I made as a Quick
Search. That works fine, but when you select on a record, it only
bring back the Quote #. (Not the Quote # and the Quote Line) Tried it
with a BAQ but that did the same thing. The big issue is it is only
allowing me to bring back 1 piece of information, instead of in this
case where I need 2.

In the end what I want is to click the Quote/Line button, have the
default search come up with the CustID and then return the user
selected item to the Quote # text box and the Quote Line Item text
box. Exactly the way it is out of the box. Short of making a new
button and coding my way there, is there something I'm missing that
would make my life easier?