Order Entry tax amount does not calculate line taxes correctly

We have an order that shows wrong tax total, is there any way to trigger order to re-calculate tax amount? I have tried Action->Order->Calculate Tax and it does not update the number.


What appears to be the problem?

  • Tax not calculated for specific lines
  • Calculated wrong for all lines
  • Calculated wrong for specific lines
  • lines calc properly, but sum up incorrectly in Order Summary?

Are you using a 3rd party tax service like tax connect?

What shows on the Header -> Tax tab?

Looks like it does not calculate taxes for a specific line. I tried and reopened the line and played around with some fields to trigger it to calculate it, then set the values back to original, still good, as soon as I close the line it goes back to the wrong tax total on header. So yes it is not calculating this one line once it gets closed.

We are not using 3rd party like tax connect.

Silly question, but does the part have a tax exemption defined?

I’m pretty sure that closing a line on an order “voids” it and that line is no longer included in the summary totals. If you close the line and print the Order Ack, it won’t show (neither its Ext price, nor its tax)

That actually is correct! Only that one of the releases for that line gets voided!! But why?!! How do I un-void it?

Re-open the line, then re-open the release(s) you want.

Note that the qty on line will be the sum of the open releases.

And FWIW -

  • An “Open” line (or release), means it still need to be fulfilled. Or was manually re-opened
  • A “Closed” line (or release), means that it has been fulfilled. This happens when the last of the demand has been fulfilled by a packer being shipped.
  • A “Voided” line (or release), is when someone manually “closes” (should be called “voids”) it in order entry.
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Okay so this means the closed released never actually shipped? I can verify that.

Aaaaaaand you are right again lol
Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: