Order Entry

Is there a way to select the operation of a part (from an entire list of operations the company has) in the order entry screen and not be limited to it being sent to the operation that is manually set when the part is first created?

Order entry doesn’t have operations or bill of materials… are your referring to quote entry?

So we don’t use quote entry at our company. Therefore during the order entry process we would like to send the orders to different operations. Our operations are just lines on the floor. We have designated a default line/operation to begin with for the part but occasionally we would like to change it for specific orders if in case that line is backed up for the day.

Product Configurator could do this, you could also build a BPM that checks a flag or other indicator and as part of the Get Details adjusts the operation.

Another option that may be worth considering is setting up different revisions for each production line. If the number of items and lines isn’t too many and Product Configurator configurations aren’t setup, it should be relatively easy just to set them up manually within the UI without any customizations, automations, or configurator setup. Otherwise, it should be pretty easy to setup a sleek data load process or a BPM to automatically generate the additional revisions if needed. Likely not a good idea/option if Product Configurator is being used or the items are often being tracked and sold from inventory, though.

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Is there a way to create all the revisions for a set of parts at the same time within DMT or something and then copy the exact same initial revision BOM to all of the new revisions?

@ypatel We can build anything anywhere, so our BOO has a generic assembly center and when the operations are created I change that to the current Resource Group in a UD field on the part master. Then we have a dashboard to move them around if production needs change.