Order lines with no Ops or Materials (I don't want to create a job)

Hi everyone, we create quotes, orders and jobs for everything at the moment but we often have line items such as, Delivey, Collection, Cancellation etc etc. At present jobs are created for these with a single Issue operation and a dummy part number in the BOM. What I’m asking is can we just type these lines on with no ops, no materials and not create jobs for them? Will everything still go through the system with no issues? Does anyone do something similar?
Thanks in advance.

You don’t need to make a job for non stock non quantity bearing parts. Or purchased parts. You can also add these as misc charges which seems to be what they are.
I struggle to understand how “Delivery” or “Cancelation” is a sales line

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Thanks for the response Jose, I guess I didn’t word my question correctly, I agree they do not belong on a line for sales and I want to find the best / proper way to process them so that the Despatch dept for example still has visibility for deliveries and collections. Often with these two in particular they are all that appear on the order ie, collect xyz from abc co. The Misc charge only shows a value. So if I had a part called ‘Delivery’ set as non stock and non quantity bearing and entered that on the line, would that work? Our purchasing department would not receive suggestions to by ‘Delivery’? I guess I’m looking for how to handle services.