Order rel quantity is not tally

Shipped out 40pc (20set) in Pack ID for the below SO but in the SO Release Shipped field only show 20pc, instead or 20 set.

Order Rel screen

Part Tran - transferred the correct amount.

Can anyone advice how to amend the Order Rel Shipped field. As this is not in database.

What is the selling UOM on the line tab?



What is the part UOM conversion from psc to set?

Hi Charlie,

There is a tool in Epicor which updates the orderel. It’s called something like Refresh Order Release Ship Qty, search for Refresh.

That will update the release tab.

Hi Bryan,


But still ship qty is not updated. Still showing 20 pcs.

Just to confirm, this is the tool you ran?


yes this is the tool .

I have no answer. Looks like a bug. I would put a support case in.

I am assuming the order release still shows open. If it’s a problem, you could close the release.

Since the part tran is correct, I have think that the problem is somewhere between the shipper and the SO.

Can it be reproduced with a similar SO?